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Benefits of Touch Typing for Students in Exams


What are the benefits of Touch Typing for Students?

Being the only Touch Typing course providers run by qualified teachers, QWERTY Type is well suited to see the benefits that Touch Typing for students has when it comes to exams. Below they have listed the key benefits that their courses for Touch Typing for students can have.

Speed and Efficiency: In exam situations where time is limited, being able to type quickly and accurately can make a significant difference. Touch Typing allows students to transcribe their thoughts more rapidly, potentially giving them more time to review and refine their answers.

Reduced Stress: For students who struggle with typing or are not proficient at it, the process of composing answers during exams can be stressful. Touch Typing proficiency can alleviate this stress by making typing feel more natural and effortless, allowing students to focus more on the content of their answers rather than the mechanics of typing.

Legibility: Typed answers are often easier to read than handwritten ones, especially if the handwriting is poor or rushed. Touch Typing ensures that students’ responses are legible, reducing the risk of misinterpretation by examiners.

Organisation: Touch Typing encourages students to structure their answers more effectively, as they can easily edit and rearrange their text as needed. This can result in clearer and more coherent responses, which may lead to higher marks.

Access to Technology: In exams where typing is permitted, such as those taken on computers or tablets, Touch Typing proficiency gives students a significant advantage. They can navigate the exam interface more efficiently and are less likely to be impeded by technical issues or slow typing speeds.

Post-Exam Benefits: Beyond exams, Touch Typing is a valuable skill that students can utilize in their academic and professional lives. By learning Touch Typing, students are equipping themselves with a practical skill that will serve them well beyond their time in school.

Overall, Touch Typing for students can help exam performance by improving their typing speed, accuracy, and overall efficiency, ultimately contributing to better academic outcomes.