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Meet Philippa & Clare - Your Touch Typing Teachers

QWERTY Kids, fully qualified typing teacher - Philippa

Philippa – BA Ed (Hons) Durham University

I have been teaching for over 20 years and as a parent of a child who has dyspraxia and dysgraphia, I have witnessed the freedom Touch Typing can give a child, which is why I became a touch typing teacher.

My son was 10 when an Educational Psychologist suggested he should learn to Touch Type as no one (not even him!) could read his handwriting. He was the first child at his school to learn and was then able to type in every lesson that involved extended pieces of writing. 

This was a not only a great relief to him but also to his teachers!! He had been incredibly frustrated and demotivated when he couldn’t express himself on paper but he now types at a good 70wpm! Previously he had to concentrate on his letter formation which made his work painfully slow and meant that he wrote the minimal amount required. He now has the ability to type faster than it is possible to write!

My daughter has also learnt to Touch Type, I am a firm believer that not only is Touch Typing hugely beneficial for children with learning difficulties but it has become an essential life skill for all children in our ever increasingly technological world!

QWERTY Kids, fully qualified typing teacher - Clare

Clare – BA Ed (Hons) Durham University

I am also a trained teacher. My youngest son has visual processing difficulties and it was recommended that he learnt to use a laptop and Touch Type in lessons and for future exams. Both of us struggled to find local touch typing teachers and courses and knew that they would benefit from learning alongside other children.

My eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and now uses a laptop at his school for all of his homework exams and in some lessons. Therefore, he benefits hugely from being able to Touch Type alongside writing in his lessons.