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Students will be Typing their GCSE’s by 2026!

October 17th, 2023
Articles in the Times and the Guardian discuss how the AQA suggests that students will be using Laptops for their GCSEs by 2026




It has recently been stated by the AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Board) that students will continue to take their GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) or similar examinations in the future. However, the format and procedures for these exams may evolve over time.

With advancements in technology and changes in educational practices, students will be taking their GCSEs using laptops, typing their responses to exam questions instead of writing by hand.

Colin Hughes (the chief executive of AQA) said: “Technology and change are two constants in education. After all, we went from quills to fountain pens to biros, and from scrolls to books. Moving to digital exams is the next step of this evolution.”

Therefore, in today’s technology-driven world, digital literacy is essential. Touch Typing is a fundamental skill that enables teenagers to effectively use computers and mobile devices, which are pervasive in education, work, and daily life.

Touch typing skills can save teenagers a significant amount of time when working on computers. Efficient typing allows them to complete tasks more quickly, leaving more time for other activities and reducing stress.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift toward online learning. Many teenagers now rely on computers for virtual classes, assignments, and research. Efficient Touch Typing can significantly improve their productivity in this context and will most certainly give them an advantage when doing their GCSE’s on an electronic device!

When the use of laptops in exams no doubt comes to fruition with the GCSE’s, there will be a high chance that it will be rolled out across all examinations, so surely the earlier a student can learn to Touch Type the better!

Schools are beginning to see the importance of this skill, but many cannot find the time for it to be incorporated into the school day. The earlier you can learn to Touch Type the better as there will be less bad habits to undo!

Learning can be fun, done Online, After School, In the holidays or Flexibly at a time that suits you! All you need is a computer and some time!